Who We Are

Lyn Koonce and Friends is a group of musicians that have been playing together for over 7 years. Their style of music includes originals, covers, country, R&B, pop, alternative, and they are frequently incorporating new styles in their repitoir. All LK&F shows have a feeling of fun and enjoyment for everyone listening. It doesn't matter how young or old you are, you are destined to have a great time at a Lyn Koonce show.

Lyn Koonce is a performer, a community organizer and volunteer, and the leader of Lyn Koonce and Friends. Her voice is a mixture of many influences and styles. Lyn has the power to calm, command, inspire, and even sing the blues. Lyn is the heart of LK&F. Raymond "Ray-Ray" Brooks has played with many professional groups and is a seasoned drummer; he is able to adapt to any style or rhythmn. Ray uses a traditional drumset but is known to use many forms of auxilliary percussion to set up gorgeous grooves. Ray lays the foundation for the band. Then we have Luke on lead guitar and sax. Luke is able to add vivid color to LK&F with sexy sax riffs and bluesy electric guitar solos.

We would love for you to come out to our next gig to hear for yourself. Send us an email or facebook message if you are interested in having the band play your next event.

Contact the Band


Phone: (336) 689 0233

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Located in and around Greensboro NC